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Fixed-Length Seals - Metal

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A heavy-duty seal with a fixed length that features an all-metal design. Theses Fixed Length Seals are ideal for securing truck and container doors.

The metal seal provides an extra strong way to deter and prevent theft, as well as helping to detect breach and tampering.

Easy to install, the seal does not require any tools to apply. A cutting tool is required for removal.

  • High break strength: 25kg
  • Material: Tin Plated Steel

Custom printing is available on request.

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1738 In stock
MetalLock 7.0 mm 0.4 mm 214.0 mm Cutting tool required PP Tin-Plated


Stock Levels
1738 In stock
  • Classification
    Indicative Seal
  • Seal Type
    Metal Seal
  • Type
    Fixed Length Seal
  • Locking Mechanism
    Metal Locking Jaw
  • Removability
    Cutting tool required