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Fan Gaskets for PCB

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A PCB fan gasket is a specialized sealing component used in electronic devices to create a protective barrier around the fan assembly, designed to fit snugly between the fan and the mounting surface.

The primary purpose of a PCB fan gasket is to provide a tight and secure seal around the fan, preventing air from bypassing the intended airflow path. This ensures that the fan operates with maximum efficiency, directing air through the intended channels and helping to cool electronic components effectively.

Additionally, a fan gasket can serve as a barrier against dust, debris, and other contaminants that might otherwise enter the system. This helps maintain a clean and dust-free environment around sensitive electronic components, reducing the risk of damage or overheating.

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Fan Gaskets

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Fan accessories provide protection and mounting for small DC and AC fans suitable for industrial and computing applications. Fan Guards prevent debris falling into the fan blades and accidental obstruction. Silicon Fan Mountings offer a simpler, faster installation method than conventional screw mounts. Rubber Fan Gaskets provide a protective seal for your application

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