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Hydraulic Hose Guards & Protectors

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Hydraulic hose guards are designed to protect your hose from cracking and being damaged, which often occurs when there is movement such as rubbing against the hoses and hydraulic hose pipes.

Types of Hydraulic Hose Guards

Our range features different styles of hose protection sleeves and spiral wrap protectors to support your processes such as:

Choose from mining safety hose protection sleeves and wraps too. For more information about our range of Hydraulic Hose Assembly solutions, visit our Knowledge Centre for guides such as:

Hydraulic Hose Spiral Wrap Explained

Hydraulic Hose Sizing Nomograph

Hydraulic Hose Protection – Safe Designs

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Fire Protection Sleeves

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Fire Protection sleeves have excellent elasticity and are great for protecting or bundling hoses, tubes and cables in a variety of hostile environments. We have two styles of Firesleeve. Our basic Firesleeve that is assembled by sliding it over the end of the fitting or hose all the way until the hose assembly is covered, or our new style which has a hook and loop design that allows for easy installation and removal without having to disconnect the hose assembly. The insultation properties on both styles provide workers with effective protection against burns from hot hoses and reduces heat energy loss. They can withstand intense radiant heat and flame continuously up to 500 F or 3000 F for up to 30 seconds. They will immediately shed splash and can withstand repeated exposure to shed splash of molten steel, aluminum and glass.

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Hose Protection Quick Assembly Sleeves

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Quick Assembly sleeves are easy to assemble or remove with the hook and loop design closure, which promotes a quick and easy bundling of hose groups. Excellent for use in the field for applications where winding a spiral-formed product is very difficult or where the hose assembly cannot be removed easily. Quick sleeve are a close quarter operator protection from hose bursts and will contain multiple hoses with a tighter hose bundling capability over standard sleeve.

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Hose Protection Sleeves - Mining Safety Approved

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Our Nylon Protective Sleeving is made from either Polyamide or Nylon 6. Hose Sleeve is used to protect hoses from the damage created by high temperatures and water abrasion. Sleeve Protectors will extend the longevity of the hose assembly, and can offer protection to operators from slippage, spillage and hose movement. We have two types of Nylon Hose Sleeve in our range that are both mine safety approved.

Burst Guard Double Nylon Sleeve is a Polyamide (PA) mining hose option. This is Essentra's heaviest performance safety hose sleeve; specially designed for high abrasion, weather resistance and controlling hose bursts to protect workers, equipment, and the environment in line of sight operations. It is resistant to diesel, transmission fluid, engine oil and coolant. The hose has a black outer layer and a yellow internal layer. The hose sleeve thickness is 2.3mm, and it has a working temperature range between -40 up to 125C. The sleeve loses 10 percent of its resistance at 125C. The melting point is 230C. This double-layered sleeve consists of Nylon multifillament. This two layer design will allow the worker to visually see wear damage. If you see that, it means the black outer layer has been work through, so should be replaced soon. This hose protection sleeve is MSHA approved, meets ISO 6945 abrasion standard, meets SEA J343/ISO 3457 burst and leakage protection, and UV Solar Protection BS EN 13758-1, as well as being ROHS compliant.

Our other option is a Nylon Textile Sleeve made from Nylon 6. The working temperature is between 40F up to 257F. This hose sleeve a resistance against high degrees of burst, with optimum UV and abrasion protection. It benefits from excellent chemical compatibility with gasoline and oils. This hose sleeving will keep workers safe, as well as protect environments and machinery from hydraulic hose oil leaks and spills. This hose options is available in black or red. MSHA approved. Meets ISO 6945 abrasion standard, and FED-STD-191 test method 5309 abrasion resistance, ASTM D 6770 for abrasion resistance of textile sleeve. Meets SEA J343/ISO 3457 bursts and leakage protection. Meets EN982 ISO norm 833 EN 414, UV Solar Protection BS EN 13758-1, ISO 8031 approved for conductivity requirement, and is ROHS compliant. Pin hole test approved (very dense but not bulky).

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Spiral Wrap Hose Protectors

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Our Spiral Wrap Hose Protectors, more commonly known as Spiral Hose Guard or Hose Wraps, are ideal for use with hydraulic or pneumatic hoses. The hydraulic hose protector spiral protects against cuts, abrasions, crushing, and ultraviolet rays that regularly destroy expensive hoses.

Included in our range are TECTORGUARD® Spiral Hose Guards, available in medium or heavy day hose protector options. These hose protectors are easy and safe to install either before or after the hose assembly is mounted. The heavy duty, double-bevelled design on the inside of the spiral hose protector and outside edge prevents snagging or cutting during installation. The spiral goes up and to the left.

Also available is a srange of heavy duty - heavy abrasion Hose Protection Wrap. The double bevelled design prevents snagging or cutting during installation. Spiral goes up and to the right.

  • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Colors: Black and Yellow.

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Spiral Wrap Hose Protectors - Mining Safety Approved

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Spiralguard or Spiral Wrap are made from a flame retardant and anti-static HDPE and protect hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hose assemblies in applications that require mining safety approved products like underground mining. This product has exceptional anti-crushing performance and high abrasion resistance, reducing the risk of industrial injury, and is suitable for wrapping single or multiple hoses. Proven in harsh conditions. Patented product.

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