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Fiber Optic Cable Strain Relief

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Fiber optic cable strain relief components in our range are the perfect solution for securing cables and preventing damage caused by excessive bending or pulling. Our quick panel mount strain relief glands and fiber boot bushings are designed to provide reliable and robust protection for your fiber optic cables in a variety of applications.

Panel Mount Strain Relief Glands are ideal for applications where the cable needs to be removed and reinstalled quickly and easily. These glands provide a secure grip on the cable while allowing it to be easily inserted or removed from the panel. The integrated gasket provides a waterproof seal, making it suitable for use in outdoor applications.

Fiber Boots offer additional protection for fiber optic cables in applications where high-speed data transfer is critical. The Fiber Boot design offers an easy to install, flexible solution for preventing cable damage caused by excessive bending or pulling. The durable and robust design provides protection in harsh environments, making it ideal for industrial applications.

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Quick Panel Mount Strain Relief Gland

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Strain Relief Bushings are effortless to install as they can be inserted without the use of any tools whilst still providing protection to wire and fibre against rough panel hole edges. Fibre Strain relief glands provide added protection to jacketed and bare fibre while routed through a hole

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Strain Relief Bushings - Fibre Boot

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Fibre Strain Relief Boots protect wires and fibre cables from rough panel hole edges during installation and use. Very easy to install - no tools are needed.

These boots provide added protection to 900 micron fibre, while routing cables and wires through a hole. They also limit the angle of the fibre cable, which can help reduce signal loss. This is a huge time and cost-saving.

  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Color: Black

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