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Strain Relief Bushings - Fiber Boot

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Fibre Strain Relief Boots protect wires and fibre cables from rough panel hole edges during installation and use. Very easy to install - no tools are needed.

These boots provide added protection to 900 micron fibre, while routing cables and wires through a hole. They also limit the angle of the fibre cable, which can help reduce signal loss. This is a huge time and cost-saving.

  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Color: Black

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Item Code Price range Availability View
EFA70-07-001 $0.9777 - $1.1733 3000 In stock
Fiber Boot - 900 Micron


Price Range
$1.1733 - $0.9777

Stock Levels
3000 In stock
  • Compatible Hole Diameter
    0.157 in
  • Maximum Panel Thickness
    0.063 in
  • Overall Length
    0.783 in
  • Cable Type
    900 Micron
  • Color