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Rubber Cable Grommets

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Rubber grommets at Essentra Components feature various types of rubber cable grommet such as silicone grommets, sealing grommets, flexible grommets in a push-in style, grommet edging and rubber wire grommets. For more information about our range of rubber grommet applications and uses, visit our Guide to Rubber Grommets.

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Rubber Grommet Edging

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Made from Black Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE), our Rubber Grommet Edging is supplied in rolls that can be cut to your required length.

Grommet Edge Trim is a type of flexible grommet strip that prevents wires and cables from chafing against sharp edges.

The unserrated rubber grommet locks onto thick panels, protecting them from damage.

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IP67 Sealing Grommets

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Sealing Grommets, commonly known as a Cable Seal Grommet, are self sealing grommets that are ideal for use in oily and greasy environments. They easily snap into round holes, without any need of special tools.

We provide a range of IP67 sealed products, that we also refer to as IP67 Light Tight Grommets which are made from gray (LTG-199017) Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM).

The IP67 grommet confirms to IP67 standards for watertight seal, and acts as a blanking plug until a cable is installed. The cable seal grommet is also designed to withstand vibration.

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Grommets - Standard/TPE

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Grommet Hole, also known as Hole Grommets, are intalled on the diameter edge of a panel hole or knockout. They protect passing wires, cables, tubes and hoses from damage caused by sharp edges and objects, and chaffing.

Our Hole Grommet range includes Rubber Hole Grommets made from Styrene Butadiene (SBR). The material has a tensile range of 30 to 100psi, and a temperature range between 225F to -50F. These Hole Grommets install instantly by simply and easily snapping into a hole. They benefit from excellent adhesion, and are designed to fit standard sheet metal holes.

Also available are Flexible Hole Grommets that are made from Standard and Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), and Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). The Standard PVC material is non-staining, and has resistance to ozone, acids, sunlight and has excellent aging qualities. The TPE options have a flame resistance rating of UL94 HB, with a temperature range from -58F up to 203F. They are also suitable for outdoor use in accordance with UL 746C.

  • Color: Black.

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Push-In Flexible Grommets

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Our Flexible Grommets are a Push In Grommet made from Polyethylene (PE) and Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). Push In Grommets are a low-cost solution when applying a pass-through on tables, desks and other work stations, when routing cables and wires for computers. telephone and other desktop equipment.

These Push-In Plastic Grommets are ideal for applications where space is limited, and flexibility and appearance are important. Our Push-In Grommets are dust tight. The Push Grommet provides quick and easy mounting, and is suitable for enclosures with more and .079 inch (2mm) thickness.

  • Color: Grey

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Quick Fit Grommets

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Quick Fit Grommets snap neatly and quickly into position.

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Stepped Grommets

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The stepped sleeve can be cut to your specific requirements, and can suit a range of cable diameters. They protect cables passing through panels and they act as a blanking plug until cut.

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