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Screw-On Butt & Leaf Hinges

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Leaf Hinges - Half-Threaded Stud & Half Countersunk

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Metal Leaf Hinges are available for applications for flush-mounted doors with half countersunk mounting holes on one side of the component and half- threaded studs on the other. The range of Die-Cast Zinc Alloy hinges have a maximum rotation of 270 degrees and there are a number of types available.

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Adjustable Torque Hinges - w/Leaf Screw

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Adjustable Torque Hinges operate with a single torque adjustment using the screw. Torque Hinges are used to hold doors or panels in position.

Our range features a Black Powder Coated Adjustable Torque Hinge that is surface mounted, which features a body made from 30% Glass Filled Polyamide 6 DIN-EN ISO 1043-1, with Stainless Steel AISI 304 screws and nuts. The hinge torque can be adjusted using a screw, and the hinge rotation is 180 degrees. The hinge is installed and secured using M4 and M6 screws. This hinge provides position control. The torque values available are 0.8Nm and 4.0 Nm. The working temperature is 23F up to 149F.

Also featured are Indexing (Detent) Hinges also made from 30% Glass Filled Polyamide 6, that is black in appearance. They have a Steel EKN6222 pin. The indexing feature allows the hinge to hold its position at the specified angle. Positions available included; 80, 115 and 150 degree angles, as well as a non-indexed option.

This product range also includes Leaf Hinges with a Black Powder Coated Steel body and Stainless Steel pin material. These hinges are generally used for plain or flush mounted, isolated doors. They are ideal for applications including; generators, machinery covers and electric panels. The maximum hinge rotation is 270 degrees, and they are designed for left and right hand applications. M8 x 12mm coach bolts are supplied.

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