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Bushing Bearing

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Sleeve Bearings - Plastic

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Our range of Plastic Flanged Sleeve Bearings, also known as Sleeve Bearings, or simply Bushings or Bearings - are an effective solution for damping out noise and vibration in a variety of applications. The plastic sleeve features an axiam slot that helps maintain proper fit and compensates for humidity and temperature changes.

These nylon flanged sleeve bushings are made from flame resistant natural Nylon 6/6, which is UL94 V2 rated. The plastic sleeve bushings do not require lubrication.

Bearings should always be installed in a housing bore that provides good support for the sleeve bearing. When operated continuously without lubrication at the maximum permissible speed of 500 rpm, shafts should be hardened or plated in the bearing area to minimize wear. Unhardened stainless steel shafts are not recommended. Use chromium plated or nickel plated shafts where corrosion is a problem.

Correct Clearance:
Housing bore diameters should not be smaller than the minimum diameters specified in tables presented. To check bearing inside diameter's for clearance, the bearing should be installed in its housing bore. Plug gauges with diameters corresponding to the minimum and maximum recommended. Inside Diameter’s can be used to determine whether the clearance is correct for the bearing when operated on recommended shaft.

When sleeve bearings must operate in liquids, the wall thickness of the bearing will increase due to absorption of liquid. Wall thicknesses also increase when bearings are used in a consistently humid environment. The compensation gap allows for the bearing to be collapsed sufficiently so that the small flange can be easily spiralled through the mounting hole. Position the bearing over the hole with the gap facing up. With light finger pressure immediately to the left of the compensation gap, the bearing is spiralled into position.

Bushings perform effectively in temperature ratings from -40F to +200F. Bearing load ratings to 8,000 PSI and speed ratings up to 2,000 feet per minute ensure durability.

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