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Serving the Healthcare and Medical Sector

Essentra is here to help you during your research, product design and purchasing processes. We manufacture and distribute critical components for building lifesaving technology. Whether its equipment for specialized/critical care, imaging, or medical diagnostics, our vast customizable product range are made to fit any need.


Explore Cable Clips or Ties to hold wires in place, Access Hardware solutions to hold panels in position, Gasket Seals for edge protection, Feet, Handles, Locks and Nuts ideal for healthcare equipment, Rivets for Power-Supplied Air Respirator Hoods, and much more.

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Over 2,000 tried and tested solutions across a spectrum of manufacturing and end-user applications, all designed to meet specific protection requirements.


Stocked electronic solutions that are made from engineered resins providing excellent insulation, while being lightweight and cost effective.

Our Solutions for Medical Devices and Healthcare Equipment

Health care providers use medical devices to diagnose and treat patients and improve patients' quality of life by helping them overcome sickness or disease. Due to the inherent risks when using a device for medical purposes regulating governments conduct thorough testing to ensure the safety and effectiveness before allowing the device to be manufactured.

The FDA's definition includes any “instrument, apparatus, implement, machine, contrivance, implant, in vitro reagent, or another similar or related article, including a component part or accessory” that’s recognised as a pharmaceutical or supplement, intended as diagnoses, cure, or preventive treatment of a disease.

Our broad product portfolio provides solutions for many industries and can be applied in healthcare and lifesaving equipment such as:

  • Breathing and respiratory equipment such as ventilators
  • Ventilation canopies for operating theatres, aseptic suites & containment labs
  • Personal protection and care equipment such as visors and electronically adjustable hospital beds
  • Diagnostic imaging equipment such as X-ray and Ultrasound equipment, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines and Computed tomography (CT) scanners.
  • Cardiovascular devices such as defibrillators
  • Ophthalmic devices that monitor and detect vision issues

The Essentra Components range addresses many issues found in these devices:

  • Anti-corrosion stainless steel components for cleanliness and durability
  • Swing handles and locks provide high strength security and an ergonomic finish
  • Gasketing ensures dust and watertight seals to maintain hygiene and to reduce radiated emissions
  • PEEK fasteners suitable for High number sterilization cycles
  • Hose & Tubing Clamps for a cost-efficient way of securing pipes and hoses

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Caps & Plugs: Experts in Product Protection

Thousands of Protective Cap & Plugs Solutions in Stock

For over 65 years, Essentra Components has been a global market leader in plastic injection molded, vinyl dip molded and metal components. With a focus in product protection, we manufacture an extensive line of essential products across a broad range of industries and applications.

Made to withstand almost any environment, our quality caps and plugs are created with your needs in mind and designed to excel in even the toughest of applications. Whether you are looking for protection during manufacturing, masking, transportation or end-use, we have the solution you need to get the job done.

When it comes to caps and plugs, the application process and material choice are key. Our knowledgeable experts are always ready to help you find the best solution for your project.