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Plastic Wire Clips

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Wire Clip - Adjustable Plastic

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Available in 2 types. Strap cables to a panel using a push-fit fastener that attaches to a 3mm panel. Type 1 has a anti-rotation fastener to hold the strap in place and prevent movement.

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Wire Clip - Plastic, Adhesive Mount

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Adhesive Wire Clips, or Adhesive Mount Clip are made from Nylon 6/6. The Plastic Clip is suitable for wires with a 1mm diameter. The top of the Plastic Wire Clips flips over to hold wires in place securely. Acting like a cable clamp, these clips are suitable for use with computer cables, electronics wires, cords and small tubing. An adhesive strip on the base firmly mounts the clips to an application.

The adhesive element of the product has a shelf life of approximately 1 Year from date of shipping; when stored in the unopened original packaging, stored at room temperature and away from sunlight.

  • Flame resistance rating UL94 V2
  • Color: Natural.

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Wire Clip - Screw Mount, Two-Piece

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Two-piece hardware for holding wires securely in place. Can be fastened to your panel using a flat head screw.

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