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PVC Toggle Clamps

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Manual Hold-Down Clamps - Vertical

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Vertical Hold Down Clamps, also known as Vertical Toggle Clamps, have the ability to hold large amounts of pressure. These Hold Down Clamps also save valuable space without sacrificing holding capacity or clamp performance.

Our Hold-Down Clamps feature a Red Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) hand grip with a cushioned profile for improved user comfort. Pivot points are fitted with hardened Steel or Stainless Steel rivets to maintain accuracy, and to provide a long service life. The Clamps have adjustable spindles, and they are manufactured with a formed end to the arm.

Flanged Washers are supplied with all slotted arm versions.

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Manual Push Pull Clamps - Base Type

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Base Type Manual Push Pull Clamps hold materials in place using a plunger mechanism to produce a positive straight-line action. The low profile uses side or end clamping for use in applications a with height restriction.

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