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Plastic Sheet Metal Plugs

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Solid Locking Plugs

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These Solid Locking Plugs seal and protect the holes in sheet metal panels. It is intended to produce a tight and secure fit, preventing dust, debris, or other undesired particles from entering.

It is resistant to impact, chemicals, and environmental influences. They keep the hole from being rusted or damaged. Each item is compatible with a variety of standard sheet metal thicknesses.

They can be inserted into the hole by hand or using a tool. Slip a tool into the hole and pry it out to remove the plug. Suitable for a wide range of applications, from blocking access points in machinery or equipment to sealing unused ports in electrical gadgets.

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Vented Locking Plugs

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Vented Locking plugs are designed to lock in standard sheet metal thicknesses. These parts provide a clean and easy way to close optional wiring or production access holes. The range is built to work on all industry standard hole diameters and panel thicknesses. Vents allow heat and emissions to escape.

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