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Fixed Length Seals Security Seals

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Fixed-Length Seals - Metal

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A heavy-duty seal with a fixed length that features an all-metal design. Theses Fixed Length Seals are ideal for securing truck and container doors.

The metal seal provides an extra strong way to deter and prevent theft, as well as helping to detect breach and tampering.

Easy to install, the seal does not require any tools to apply. A cutting tool is required for removal.

  • High break strength: 25kg
  • Material: Tin Plated Steel

Custom printing is available on request.

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Fixed-Length Seals - Plastic

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Plastic Fixed Length Seals provide an easy and economical way to deter theft, as well as signal evidence of tampering or breach of goods. They are ideal for securing truck and container doors.

Our range is available in several types, including InnoLock, OctoLock and TwinLock.

InnoLock features a flat and tear-off tab for easy, tool-free removal. The seal has an anti-tamper metal locking jaw.

OctoLock and TwinLock are all-plastic options. OctoLock has a heavy-duty octagonal head and features a pre-determined break point. OctoLock and TwinLock benefit from a double locking mechanism with an acetal jaw that has a higher melting point than polypropylene (PP).

TwinLock also has a pre-set break point on the seal for ease of removal. It features a fixed loop design. For full security benefits of the double locking mechanism, insert until you hear a second click.

High Break Strengths:9.5 kg and 15 kg

  • Body Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Jaw Materials: Metal and Acetal
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow

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