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Metal Screws

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Nylon Binder Head Screws

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Binder Head screws are designed to fasten two parts using a threaded hole securely. Head height may be larger than the standard binder head style and includes a flat top surface. This allows the screw to distribute pressure evenly across the part's surface being fastened.

They are lightweight, vibration, chemical, and electrical and provide good resistance to vibrations and corrosion due to their material. Easy to install and remove using a screwdriver. Used in various applications, including electrical equipment, automotive repair or machinery construction.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour: Natural

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Vibration Grommet Screws

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Vibration Screws are used in applications where vibration, shock, or mechanical stress may damage sensitive components or interfere with system performance. Our grommets have excellent tensile strength, corrosion-resistant, and can handle heavy loads. It also serves to shield the item from vibration noise.

These are easy to install and remove using a screwdriver as a tool. Used in conjunction with Vibration Grommets (VG series). Commonly used in electronics, automobiles, or industrial machinery.

  • Material: Carbon Steel

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