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Plastic Bridge Handles Pull Handles

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Pull Handles - Through Hole Angled Arch

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Through Hole Angle Arch Pull Handle Assemblies are front mounted with ergonomic profiles for pleasing aesthetics and comfort during use. The extensive range of designs and materials are suited for various applications and environments.

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Plastic Pull Handles - Through-Hole One-Sided

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Recessed pull handles are mounted flush to a door or panel. They can be mounted by snapping them into a panel; they can also be welded or screw-mounted. Plastic recessed handles are the most popular; however, we also offer stainless steel and aluminum flush handles.

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Pull Handles - Plastic/Female Right Angle

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Right Angle Pull Handles, sometimes referred to as Plastic Angle Stock handles or Female Pull Handles. They are lightweight and provide a clean finish on applications needing a rear mounted solution. They offer a comfortable grip and are suitable for a host of applications.

Our range features size variations and styles to suit many finishes. Choose from Nylon or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material options, all black in appearance.

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