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Plastic Hydraulic Hose Protection

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Hose Protection Quick Assembly Sleeves

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Quick Assembly sleeves are easy to assemble or remove with the hook and loop design closure, which promotes a quick and easy bundling of hose groups. Excellent for use in the field for applications where winding a spiral-formed product is very difficult or where the hose assembly cannot be removed easily. Quick sleeve are a close quarter operator protection from hose bursts and will contain multiple hoses with a tighter hose bundling capability over standard sleeve.

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Spiral Wrap Hose Protectors

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Our Spiral Wrap Hose Protectors, more commonly known as Spiral Hose Guard or Hose Wraps, are ideal for use with hydraulic or pneumatic hoses. The hydraulic hose protector spiral protects against cuts, abrasions, crushing, and ultraviolet rays that regularly destroy expensive hoses.

Included in our range are TECTORGUARD® Spiral Hose Guards, available in medium or heavy day hose protector options. These hose protectors are easy and safe to install either before or after the hose assembly is mounted. The heavy duty, double-bevelled design on the inside of the spiral hose protector and outside edge prevents snagging or cutting during installation. The spiral goes up and to the left.

Also available is a srange of heavy duty - heavy abrasion Hose Protection Wrap. The double bevelled design prevents snagging or cutting during installation. Spiral goes up and to the right.

  • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Colors: Black and Yellow.

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Spiral Wrap Hose Protectors - Mining Safety Approved

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Spiralguard or Spiral Wrap are made from a flame retardant and anti-static HDPE and protect hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hose assemblies in applications that require mining safety approved products like underground mining. This product has exceptional anti-crushing performance and high abrasion resistance, reducing the risk of industrial injury, and is suitable for wrapping single or multiple hoses. Proven in harsh conditions. Patented product.

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