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Fire Sleeves Hydraulic Hose Protection

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Fire Protection Sleeves

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Fire Protection sleeves have excellent elasticity and are great for protecting or bundling hoses, tubes and cables in a variety of hostile environments. We have two styles of Firesleeve. Our basic Firesleeve that is assembled by sliding it over the end of the fitting or hose all the way until the hose assembly is covered, or our new style which has a hook and loop design that allows for easy installation and removal without having to disconnect the hose assembly. The insultation properties on both styles provide workers with effective protection against burns from hot hoses and reduces heat energy loss. They can withstand intense radiant heat and flame continuously up to 500 F or 3000 F for up to 30 seconds. They will immediately shed splash and can withstand repeated exposure to shed splash of molten steel, aluminum and glass.

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