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Removable High-Temperature Masking Tape

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Masking Tape - Disks

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Colored Masking Tape is a low-cost solution used to mask components during the manufacturing, painting and finishing process. Our range includes High Temperature Crepe Masking Tape Discs, Polyimide Tape Discs and Polyester Masking Discs.

The Crepe Discs are a thick pressure-sensitive maskingtape that is easy to apply and remove with clean lines. Made from 7.3-Mil Crepe Tape with a high temperature Rubber adhesive. The temperature rating is 325F (163C); the tape is best removed when warm or hot, but can still be removed when cold. The tape discs are Tan colored. This color masking tape is ideal for use with low temperature paints and powder coating.

The Polyimide Masking Discs have excellent heat and solvent resistance, as well as dielectric strength (6500 volts). They are highly conformable and removes cleanly in one piece after application. Made from 1-Mil Polyimide Film with a Silicone adhesive. The temperature rating is 500F (260C) and the discs are Amber colored. Suitable applications include; high temperature processes, powder coating, soldering, electrical insulation and PC Boards.

The Polyester Discs are Green in color and are made from 2-Mil Polyester Film with 1.4-Mils of Silicone Adhesive. The temperature rating is 400F (204C). These adhesive masking discs have excellent heat and solvent resistance, and are an industry standard product. The experience no shrinkage and are supplied with a split-back liner for easy removal from the tape roll. They remove cleanly in one-piece and do not leave behind residue. Ideal applications include; powder coating, E-coating, plating and anodizing.

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Masking Tape - Rolls

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Masking tapes line come in Crepe, Polyester, Polyimide, and Silicone material. Crepe works on low-temp paint and powder coating applications. Polyester works on powder coating, E-Coating, Plating, and Anodizing. Polyimide works on high-temp processes, soldering, electrical insulation, and PC Boards. Silicone has no adhesive and is self-bonding (sticks to itself). Silicone can be used in high-temp cures, all coating applications, Plating, Anodizing and wire harness wrapping. All tapes can be cleanly removed and the adhesive will not leave a residue.

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