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BSP Threads High-Temperature Masking Plugs

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High-Temperature Tapered Plugs

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Our range of High Temperature Masking Plugs are available as a solid plug or with a hollow core. These reusable tapered plugs are available as either a premium Silicone Plug or as a cost-effective EPDM plug.

The Hollow Tapered Plugs provide an economical solution for large diameter holes. The hollow center aids compression for improved sealing.

Silicone Tapered Plugs are a premium option due to the high temperature rating of 600F (316C). High Temp Silicone Plugs can be used multiple times. Hardness; Durometer (Shore A) 55+5. Various colour options are available, including; Natural, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow.

The Black EPDM tapered plug is an economical material has a slightly reduced heat resistance with a high temperature rating of 435F (218C), but boasts superior chemical resistance.

  • Suitable applications include; Powder Coating, E-Coating, Plating and Anodizing.

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