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PCB Mounting Card Guides

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PCB cards are designed to mount circuit boards into limited spaces such as PCB card racks and the chassis. Our PCB mounting cards are available as screw-on and snap-in, manufactured from nylon and plastic.

What are the benefits of PCB Mounting Cards?

  • They are great space savers
  • They keep the circuit board stable and prevent bending
  • They protect against shock and vibration

For more information, check out our guide to PCB Card Guides, Ejectors & Pullers over on our Knowledge Centre.

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PCB Card Guides - Horizontal/Snap-In/Multi Panel

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Multi Panel Snap-In Horizontal Card Guides have tension wings to provide firm retention of the printed circuit board and a funny entry for easy board insertion. These tension guides support boards horizontally in tight spaces like a PCB rack.

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PCB Card Guides - Vertical/Threaded/Plastic Pin

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Vertical Card Guides have a secure, locking Threaded Plastic Pin to hold PCB boards in place and are easily engaged and disengaged with a finger press. These tension guides support boards vertically and the double channel permits side-by-side mounting.

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