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Help with my order

Q: What if I want a smaller quantity than the Standard Pack Quantity?
A: It depends on which product you want to purchase, some products have no minimum order quantities online, this is indicated by the ‘Order Any Quantity’. In the case of products that do not have a minimum order quantity, the Standard Pack Quantity is simply provided to you so we can offer better value and a more efficient service.

Q: What if I am not sure which product I need?
A: We will always aim to recommend a suitable solution for your application. However, we strongly advise you to test samples in your specific application prior to ordering. If you are unsure which product to choose, please contact the customer service team and we will be happy to help you.  

Q: How many free samples can I get?
A: We normally send out two of each item, if a larger number is required contact your nearest customer service team who will establish if this is possible.  Some higher value items are not available as free of charge samples.

Q: How long does it take to deliver my order?
A: Goods are shipped on a next working day service, subject to stock availability, acceptance of the order and payment terms being agreed.

Q: Who do I contact if I want a quote for a part?
A: Please contact your local Customer Service team who will be happy to quote you, or as a registered user of the website you can request a quote online.

Q: Are there products available other than those which appear in the catalog or on the website?
A: Should you require a product that is not shown in our product catalog, please complete the contact form or call our customer service team who will be able to help you with your inquiry.

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