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Injection Molding

Making it easier with our manufacturing expertise

We’re an injection molder and have been for over 65 years.

Injection molding is a key process within our business. Our global team of expert technicians ensure our customers receive high-quality and consistent components across the world.

With 45,000 molds to choose from, we also offer one of the largest ranges of industrial plastic components on the market. We team this with a hassle-free service, delivering your components where you need them, when you need them.

How do we manufacture accurate and consistent components with the right injection molding process?

Producing components that are high quality and fit for purpose means setting the correct foundations in the injection molding process that manufactures them.

Our Divisional Process Development Manager Chris Butler gives an overview of the injection molding process and the factors that need to be tightly controlled in order to produce high-standard parts.

5 benefits of injection molding

1. Accurate and high-quality components every time

An experienced manufacturer closely controls the parameters of the process. So, you get consistent results throughout.

2. Injection molded components have great material properties

The process creates components that are strong and durable compared to parts made by other methods, with tight tolerances.

3. It’s possible to create complex designs

The adaptability of the mold tool means that the process can create components with intricate and complex designs.

4. There are lots of thermoplastics to choose from

Whether you need a part to withstand high temperatures or is water resistant, there will be a thermoplastic that is right for your job.

5. Technology means the process is efficient and cost effective

Automation and rapid prototyping allow thousands of custom or standard components to be created quickly and at a low cost.

As an experienced industrial injection molder, we have an extensive range of mold tools available. We can adapt them to suit your requirements or work with you to create new ones. This process allows for complex and intricate designs to suit your needs.

Advances in thermoplastics means you can specify the strength, flexibility, chemicals and temperature resistance levels, as well as something seemingly simplistic as the color.

We are also innovating our supply chain by using Industry 4.0 processes and technologies

Essentra Components are using Industry 4.0 processes to deliver a connected supply chain, using smart planning, data and manufacturing equipment. This means you benefit from a seamless, hassle-free ordering and delivery experience across:

  • Product development
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

Product development

With a range of 45,000 products, we are able to manufacture 80m parts a week.

To ensure the components are going to be fit for purpose, customers can order free samples and download our CAD drawings to insert in their project designs. We also offer custom solutions, including design, 3D printing and prototyping. With the ability to create prototypes on an industrial 3D printer, we are also able to ensure that our components can be bespoke.

Industry 4.0 manufacturing

When an order is placed, the smart planning software communicates with smart machines to manufacture the desired number in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

We are able to monitor and analyse OEE levels (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in real time. Data is captured during production and used to refine the process.

Our injection molding machines are remotely linked back to the manufacturer, so that performance can be improved and faults immediately diagnosed. Plus, thanks to our investment in industrial automation such as robotic sprue pickers, production times are continually being improved upon.

Industry 4.0 in supply chain

By using automated and interconnected technologies to drive our distribution, our warehouses are implementing Industry 4.0 technology. Smart devices are linked to the planning and factory software. This means that the whole of the supply chain is connected and speeds up delivery time.

Added to this, our established distribution network means we can offer more than 1bn parts for fast dispatch.