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Flange Covers

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Flange covers or flange protectors as they are commonly known, are designed to provide all round protection to flanges where damage during transport, manufacturing treatments and exposure to corrosive elements is a concern. Method of attachment is important when it comes to selecting the right flange cover, as much as type, style and material is.

Flange cover protector types and styles
Styles in our range include studded raised face flange protectors, raised face protectors and adhesive raised face flange protectors, manufactured from durable PE, these easy fitting protectors protect DIN and ANSI flanges. If flange face protectors are the solution you require, we stock a number of types such as full face flange protectors and flange protector retainer plugs, designed to secure full face protective disks to the flange surface. Manufactured from a variation of PE, whilst our bolt hole flange protectors are made from PP – a cost effective choice that offers superb chemical and fatigue resistance.

Flange Standards
Our range covers many different standards including:


If you require more information such as pipe and flange terms, or want to know more about our other pipe and flange solutions, check out our Quick Buyers Guide to Pipe and Flange Protection for more information.
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Face Protectors

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Face Protector that acts as a protective guard to shield flanges from dirt, moisture, paint and sand blasting.

The tapered design creates a strong adhesion to the collar of the pipe application, and requires no fasteners for fitting. Made from durable material, they are suitable for DIN and ANSI flanges.

  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Colour: Yellow

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