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Panel Fasteners

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When it comes to fastening metal sheets, our range of panel fastening components includes plastic U-nuts and sheet edge inserts that offer reliable and versatile solutions.

Plastic U-Nuts: Our plastic U-nuts, also known as spire nuts or chimney nuts, are designed to securely join two or more sheets of material. These u-nuts provide a low insertion force and offer a wide range of controlled extraction forces, ensuring a robust and reliable fastening solution.

Sheet Edge Inserts: Our sheet edge inserts are specifically designed to provide strong threads for metal sheets that are too thin to be tapped. These inserts are fastened to the edges of thin sheets, offering a practical alternative to self-clinching inserts. They provide a secure and stable fastening option, ensuring the integrity of your metal sheet applications.

Both plastic U-nuts and sheet edge inserts are carefully designed to streamline panel fastening processes and provide strong stability to metal sheets. These products are aimed at enhancing productivity and delivering optimal results for your manufacturing projects.

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Plastic U-Nuts

A range of U-shaped nuts that are edge mounted. They easily slide on to the edges of thin sheet materials and panels.

These nuts can be used as an alternative solution to threaded inserts and clinch fasteners. They are available in a choice of different mounting styles to suit your project needs, including; panel edge mounting, edge to edge panel corner mounting and edge to edge panel mounting.

Thread sizes include M5 and M6.

  • Material: Polyamide (PA)
  • Colour: Black

Sheet Edge Inserts

Sheet Edge Inserts provide strong threads for metal sheets that are too thin to be tapped. They are fastened to the edges of thin sheets and are a good alternative to self-clinching inserts.

To Install;
1. Install insert notch into the side of the panel opening
2. Rotate spring leg of insert toward the panel. This compresses the spring leg, allowing it to pass through the notch in the panel
3. Leg will snap back to its normal position, securing the insert into the panel.
Please Note: The internal thread requires a screwdriver for installation.

The insert can be removed after installation, by simply pinching the spring legs together and rotating.

  • Material: Polyamide 6/6
  • Colour: Black
  • UL94 V2 flame rated.