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Corner Hinges

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Essentra Components range of corner hinges is a collection of various hinge types such as screw on and weld on concealed hinges, offset corner hinges and spring loaded corner hinges. Suitable across a whole host of heavy duty applications, concealed hinges are often described as invisible hinges, due to the fact that they are designed to be fitted in a way that hides the hinge. Our screw on concealed hinges are mounted with screws and the removable pin allows easy access when lifting the door from the frame. The weld and screw on hinges in our range, offer a two part mounting solution whereby the frame can be screwed on and the door part is mounted by a nut to the welded stud. Choose from left or right handed mounting options and various leaf lengths in both of ranges of concealed hinges. Offset hinges have a few aliases, sometimes known as fold-back hinges, swing-clear and swing away hinges. They are used to maximise space, providing extra distance and clearance on tight doorways, allowing the door to open farther by offsetting the pin pivot of the hinge. Our range of 90 degree offset hinges are stocked in various sizes, range of mounting holes and leaf thickness. For use on internally mounted doors, our range of spring loaded corner hinges can be used with a hinge pin or a pair and requires welding onto the frame.
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90 Degree Offset Corner Hinge

90 Degree Offset Corner Hinges come in different profiles to fit a combination of possibilities to offset the door to the frame.

External Metal Corner Hinge

External Metal Corner Hinge are suitable for machine covers and electric panels. They come in different profiles and sizes to be fixed either with stud or screwed on.

Metal Corner Hinges

Metal Corner Hinges have a hinge rotational angle of 180 degree, they are essentially used for steel panels on big sized applications. The range is made of die-cast zinc alloy with different type of finishes. The panels are hinges with a pin system.

Plastic Corner Hinges

Plastic Corner Hinges are made of polyamide 30% Glass Fibre Reinforced, with a pin made of plastic (POM). They are essentially used for light steel panels. The pin allows a quick removal of the door for easy access when internal access is required.