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Point of Sale

  • Essentra offer tapes across a whole host of applications and uses. Our adhesive tapes include tissue adhesive, magnetic and rubber as well as double sided foam tapes. Also in stock are the more popularly known masking and banner tapes.

Graphic & Print Displays
  • Browse a our wide range of point of sale solutions at Essentra. Ensure design and detail with our graphic and print displays products such as Graphic & Print Displays, hanging poster displays and plastic shelf supports.Browse a our wide range of point of sale solutions at Essentra.

Self-Adhesive Materials
  • Essentra Components offer various self adhesive materials guaranteed to be the perfect addition to any Point of Sale display. Included in our range are adhseive dots and discs, aswell as foam CD hubs. If the solution you require is hook & loop products, we stock many products such as cable ties and rolls too.

Display Components
  • Essential to the look and visual merchandising of almost all Retail spaces, Essentra stock a wide range of products to bring your display to life. Included in our range are tube fittings, tube adjusters and tube locks to edge trims and cord pulls.

  • We offer a wide range of Packaging solutions at Essentra, from corner and edge protectors, designed to protect against damage when in transit and storage, to our tamper proof plastic containers. Other packaging solutions include bottle dispensing caps.