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High Temperature Masking Tape

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High temperature masking tape is designed to withstand temperatures up to 260C. Where caps or plugs won't fit your requirements, our tapes and discs help to provide protection to irregular shapes and cover a wide range of applications. Stocked in various colours on continuous rolls.
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Masking Tape - Discs

Essentra Components offers 5 different materials of masking disks, available in multiple diameters and thicknesses. Our disks withstand several different temperature ranges and are used for many different applications.

Masking Tape - High Temperature

Our High Temperature Masking Tapes are provided as a continuous roll, and they range in temperatures from 80C up to 260C. They offer clean removability so that unsightly adhesive residue will not be left behind. These tapes are mostly for general purpose and suitable for most low-temperature applications, as well as a variety of high-temperature applications to suit your project requirements.

The range includes polyester tapes with a maximum temperature of up to 180C; the thinner blue version is supplied in 25 micron tape thickness and is ideal for curved applications. The thicker green version is supplied in 38 micron tape thickness and can be used for powder coating and anodizing.

Our high-performance polyimide tape is optimal for electro-coating (E-coating) applications. The brown roll-tape has a maximum temperature of up to 260C and offers chemical and abrasion resistance.

Our range includes a silicone rubber Eze-wrap tape that has a maximum temperature of up to 204C. This tape is capable of self-fusing and will adhere to itself to form a homogenous mass that provides excellent sealing. Great for irregular-shaped objects.

Why not try our fibreglass cloth tape with a maximum temperature of up to 250C. This tape is solvent and abrasion resistant and the tightly-woven material has superb tear strength. An ideal choice for high-pressure applications, such as sand blasting.

We also offer a range of paper masking tapes that range in temperatures from 80C up to 180C. These are a great choice for painting applications.

Masking Tape - Squares

Masking tapes that can withstand temperatures up to +260C. Ideal for awkward shapes that a cap or plug just can't cover, all of our masking tapes remove cleanly and leave no residue. Quick adhesion for time-saving applications.