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Tube Fittings

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Tube fittings offer various solutions depending on your application requirements, each tailored to provide unique advantages to your projects:

Tube Adjusters: Crafted to securely maintain the placement of telescopic tubes, these fittings incorporate an attached thumb screw. This thumb screw facilitates the necessary adjustments prior to fastening, ensuring precise movement control.

Anti-Rattle Rings: In situations where tubes are interconnected, unwarranted rattling can be problematic. The anti-rattle ring we offer is specifically engineered to counteract the vibrations responsible for this undesirable noise, enhancing the stability of the joint.

Tube Locks: Engineered with an integrated metal pin, these fittings bolster the structural integrity of your application. Tube locks play a pivotal role in stabilizing telescopic tubes, especially during drilling operations, providing an additional layer of security.

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Anti Rattle Rings

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Anti Rattle Rings help prevent vibration on telescopic tubes that often rattle when fitted.

These rings help optimise performance of the tubes; reducing wear and tear that continued vibration may cause. They will also assist in noise prevention. In addition, the rings cover the connection and provide a neat finished appearance to your assembly.

  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Colours: Black and Grey

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Tube Adjusters

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Tube Adjusters with thumb screw are primarily used to secure telescopic tubing in a fixed position.

Easy to install; place the adjuster over the connecting tube sections. Then, tighten the built-in thumb screw in order to fix the tubes firmly in place. The thumb screw can be conveniently unscrewed to move the tubes to an alternative position of choice, and tightened for a secure hold.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Colours: Black and Natural

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Tube Locks

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Tube Locks are used to secure two telescopic tubes in place.

Easy install; drill a 1/4 inch hole through your tube. This enables to tube lock to snap easily into position.

The locks feature a metal pin that provides added strength. These locks can also be reused, making them highly economical.

  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Colour: Grey

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