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Handles, Grips & Levers
  • Introducing our selection of handles, grips, levers, and knobs made of stainless steel, aluminium, and durable plastics. Providing outstanding performance and dependability.

    • Designed to improve user control, comfort, and convenience, offering a secure grip for efficiency and safety.
    • Our components are widely used in industrial, automotive, and construction sectors.
    • We offer a diverse range of industrial handles, knobs, hand grips, and pull handles. Including clamping knobs, or clamping levers.
    • In addition to handles, grips, levers, and knobs, our hardware collection includes hinges, feet, castors & glides, giving solutions for all your needs.

Feet, Castors & Glides
  • With many different styles and crafted from durable materials such as rubber, plastic, and metal, our feet, castors, and glides offer versatile solutions for your furniture and equipment.

    • Engineered to provide stability and mobility, these components are designed to support and move furniture and equipment easily.
    • They are widely used in the industrial, furniture and medical sectors.
    • Choose from furniture feet for stability, castors for movement and industrial feet for support. For robust applications, there are heavy duty castors available.
    • Complete your applications with our range of handles, grips, levers, knobs and machine hardware providing a full solution for all your hardware need.

Latches & Locks
  • Discover our selection of Latches and Locks, a diverse range of locking solutions crafted from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic for securing enclosures, cabinets, doors and more.

    • Tailored to meet your needs, including heavy-duty locks, furniture locks, or cabinet locks.
    • Offering solutions from IP65 to IP69K or non-rated, ensuring best fit for different environments.
    • Widely used in manufacturing, railway, electronics, and furniture, for security and access control.
    • In addition to locks and latches, make sure to check hinges and gaskets & seals for additional hardware solutions.

Clamps, Hoist Rings & Magnets
  • We offer a range of clamps and work holding equipment that offer a variety of holding capabilities, designed for a quick action and easy fixing. They work when a fast, consistent and repetitive clamping action is needed. Browse our range to find a product that suits your application.

Gaskets & Seals
  • Our gaskets and seals are constructed of long-lasting materials such as EDPM and PVC.
    • These components helps prevent leaks and ensure maximum efficiency.
    • Commonly used in the automotive, construction, HVAC and industrial industries.
    • Choose from our range of gaskets for strong seals, including gasket tape, weather stripping, and flexible bubble gaskets for various applications.
    • With our vast assortment of hinges and machine hardware, you can ensure a comprehensive approach to your hardware needs.

  • Browse our wide range of Knobs. Our range features a mixture of designs that provide solutions across a number of applications, industries, and environments, including industrial knobs. Our materials and designs combine functionality with aesthetic features to ensure safety and durability. Most of our products allow you to try before you buy, so why not order a free sample.

  • Our extensive range of Hinges offers a wide selection of control solutions, expertly crafted from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic.

    • These high-quality products help secure enclosures, cabinets, doors, and more.
    • Trusted in manufacturing, railway, electronics, and furniture, our industrial hinges deliver reliable functionality.
    • Explore various types of hinges, including heavy-duty hinges and plastic options, for your perfect solution.
    • In addition take a look at our selection of latches & locks, and gaskets & seals to complete your hardware needs.

Tools & Accessories
  • Tools, accessories and other useful equipment to support a variety of projects. Our range features precision tools, such as plastic funnels, measuring beakers and scoops. A number of useful fittings for use in coolant systems, including; hose connectors, adaptors and nozzles. Also available are a number of other handy tools to help complete tasks with ease, such as; grommet cutters, hex & torx keys, spirit levels, panel spreaders and many more.

Anti-Vibration Components
  • Eliminate vibration, noise and shock that can cause damage and effect the lifespan of your equipment and machines with our range of anti-vibration components. Each component is specifically designed to absorb movement and will help extend the life of your product and reduce the noise made during operation, leading to a better working environment for the operator. Our mounts, buffers, grommets and bushings are used across a large spectrum of applications from the automotive industry right through to industrial machinery, electrical generators, and HVAC equipment.

Tube Clamps
  • These connector clamps allow for the construction of modular tubular frames and structures. A wide range of tube diameters and shapes can be assembled in various orientation for maximum design flexibility. Can support a range of industrial applications- including construction and hydraulic assemblies.