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Flat Specific Application Sheet Metal Plugs

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Blanking Plugs

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Blanking Plugs are used for the sheet metal industry as a protection against sharp edge and are ideal for closing panel cavities. Rubber and plastic blanking plugs provide a clean finish and are an easy to use, quick blanking solution.

Our Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC ) and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Hole Plugs come in black. The PVC hole plug features non-staining properties. They offer resistance to ozone, acids, and sunlight - with excellent aging qualities. The TPE options is highly resistant to oils, acids and alkalis. These durable rubber hole plugs are resistant to temperatures up to 203F.
Available are a range of Threaded Rubber Plugs made from black Silicone Rubber. These threaded blanking plugs can be pushed into place using a blunt tipped tool. They are used to give water-tight protection to spare holes that need to be closed off. The silicone plug features a pull tab for super easy removal, and they provide a suitable fit for standard Metric and PG sizes.

If you're looking for something aesthetically pleasing, browse our Connector Port Plugs. Made from flame resistant Nylon 6/6 with a UL94 V2 rating. This plugs come in a choice of black or grey color options. They blank off redundant connector ports and offer a quick and easy installation solution - simply press-fit into the designated hole.

Our blanking plug range comes in an array of size options, and materials to suit your application needs.

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