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Request a quote
in 5 steps

Request a quote - Step 1

Find the product you would like to request a quote for

Locate your product by browsing through the navigation, or use the search boxes at the top of the page to type in a keyword such as "Bullet Hinges" or a part number, if applicable.

Once you have located the product, click on the grey shopping cart icon to preview. Change the quantity to the amount that you require.

quote request step 1

Add to cart

Then, click on “Add to cart” button. Your item will then be added to the cart, where you can complete the request. Add all the products that are to be included in the quote to the shopping cart. 

Request a quote - Step 3

Request Quote

When you want to complete the quote request, navigate to the checkout screen by clicking the cart button at the top right of the screen.

At this stage, you can request your quote by clicking on “Request a Quote” button at the top right of “Your cart” screen. 

Request a quote - Step 4

Register your account

You will either need to create an account or you can continue as a guest. In either instance, you will need to provide your contact details so the quote can be sent to you. 

quote request step 2

Send Quote request

Once you have completed your registration, enter a brief message that describes the quote request and complete your request by clicking on “Send quote request” button.

Only need a quote for one item?

You can also request a quote on a product page by clicking the “Request a quote” found in the grey interactive panel underneath the pricing and options section.

Get in touch

You can contact us directly via our email if you have any questions or require large volumes and customized products.

We will respond to you within 24 hours or the next business day.