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Flush Cup Recessed T-Handle Latch

In production

T Handle Latch, also called Locking Recessed T Handle or Heavy Duty T-Handle Latch, are a type of recessed latch used for applications where flush mounting is required.

This Recessed Latches range features a Flush Latch Handle made from Stainless Steel with a Natural appearance. The T-Handle Latch is suitable for heavy duty applications and can be universally mounted.

Also known as a Recessed Cup Handle, the latch is IP54, NEMA 3, DIN-EN 1774 rated.

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Product SKUs information
Item Code Price range Availability Maximum Grip Handle Length Cam Length Minimum Grip Grip Range View
31540 $58.36 - $61.44 In production
3.15 in
2.598 in
Panel Latch - Overall Length: 124.0 mm | 4.882 in ; Overall Width: 121.0 mm | 4.764 in


Price Range
$61.44 - $58.36

Stock Levels
In production
  • Cam Length
    2.598 in
  • Handle Length
    3.15 in
  • Overall Depth
    2.559 in
  • Overall Length
    4.882 in
  • Overall Width
    4.764 in