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Fiber Clips - 3-Slot, 6 Cables, 3mm, Adhesive Mount

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Holds up to six 3 mm fibers. Side brackets allow multiple clips to be connected with each other. The adhesive element of the product has a shelf life of approximately 1 year from date of shipping when stored in the unopened original packaging, stored at room temperature and away from sunlight.

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$0.2381 - $0.2859 11000 In stock
Fiber Clip - Adhesive ; ; Overall Height 7.6 mm | 0.299 in ;


Price Range
$0.2859 - $0.2381

Stock Levels
11000 In stock
  • Overall Height
    0.331 in
  • Overall Length
    0.811 in
  • Overall Width
    0.299 in
  • Color
  • Full Material
    Nylon 6/6