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Unscrewing Rivets

มีในสต็อก อยู่ระหว่างการผลิต

Unscrewing Rivets are quick release fasteners, suitable for security panels and components that need to be replaced in a hurry. They can be easily installed, tightened, loosened, and removed using a cross head screwdriver.

Our range includes several material options, including rivets made from Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6 that have a cross drive for easy assembly or disassembly. They are ideal for use in electrical and electronic assemblies due to the good electrical insulation properties. Also available are options made from Polyamide PA6 that are suitable for larger hole diameters and offer a high retention force.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • High strength and versatile
  • Colours; Black and Natural
  • Head Styles: Round, Truss and Mushroom
  • Crossed Drive Type

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Quarter Turn Fasteners

มีในสต็อก อยู่ระหว่างการผลิต

Quarter Turn Fasteners engage receptacles and are fastened by turning the stud about 90 degrees - a process known as a 'quarter-turn rotation'. The fastener provides a predictable holding force and offers a detent in locked position that resists opening in error. A solution that is quick, but secure in its assembly. They are a fast fastener that provide a permanent mounting solution. An ideal choice, suitable for security panels and components that need to be replaced in a hurry.

To install and remove; Use a flat-head screwdriver or a coin and give the fastener a quarter-turn. This releases the bottom panel while retaining the fastener in the removable panel. Alternatively, drive the plunger into the grommet with a hammer that locks two panels together.

Our range of Quarter Turn Fasteners is available in a choice of materials, including; Acetal Co-Polymer, Acetal RMS-14, Nylon 6/6 and Polyamide.

  • Crossed and Slotted Drive Types
  • Suitable for a wide range of panel depths and mounting hole sizes
  • Quick-release and fast assembly
  • Locks and unlocks with an easy quarter turn rotation
  • Materials: Acetal, Acetal Co-polymer, Nylon and PA
  • UL94 HB and UL94 V2 flame rated options available
  • Colours: Black, Natural and White

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Snap Latch Rivets

มีในสต็อก อยู่ระหว่างการผลิต

Snap Latch Rivets comprise of a Plunger made from Nylon 6 and a Grommet made from Polycarbonate (PC). Together they form a Snap Latch assembly for the joining and securing of panels.

To install; simply push the grommet into the removable panel and then the desired plunger into the grommet. When the panel and plunger are pushed into the fixed panel, it locks them together. Pull on the plunger to easily remove the non-fixed panel.

These handy panel fasteners are ideal for applications that require regular maintenance work. They are offered in easy-grip or mini-grip designs to suit an array of panel hole and thickness ranges.

Snap Latch Rivets are ideal for applications, such as; electrical equipment, metal enclosures, telecommunications equipment, appliances, and more.

  • Grommet and Plunger are sold separately.
  • Colors: Black and White

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Push-In Rivets - Snap

มีในสต็อก อยู่ระหว่างการผลิต

Snap Rivets are a quick and easy fastener solution that can be installed without the need for any tools! Fast and economical, they have specially designed legs that expand and firmly lock the component parts permanently in place.

Browse our range that is available in a choice of Nylon materials, including; Nylon 6, Nylon 6/66 and Nylon 4/6. These options are manufactured with flame resistance ratings of UL94 V0 and UL94 V2. Also available in our Snap Rivets range are options intended for high temperature applications. These rivet options are made from Polysulfide (PSU) and are flame rated to UL94 HB - they can withstands temperatures of up to 311F (155C).

  • Good thermal and electrical insulation properties
  • Colours: Black, White and Tan
  • No tools needed.

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Push-In Rivets - Folding Leg

มีในสต็อก อยู่ระหว่างการผลิต

Folding Leg Push-In Rivets have a foldable leg design that provides a secure grip for a range of applications and materials.

Pushing the pin into the rivet body causes the legs to expand outwards, allowing them to get a firm grip on the material in the assembly. The rivet legs expand to a distance of 18.6mm.

This expansion allows the rivet to cover a larger surface area, but as a result has a weaker tensile strength. This makes these rivets more suited to thinner applications, such as cardboard boxes and other porous materials. Once installed, the rivet cannot be removed from the outside of the box.

  • Material: Nylon 6/6
  • Colour: Black and Natural
  • UL94 V2 Flame Rated

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Push-In Rivets - Countersunk

มีในสต็อก อยู่ระหว่างการผลิต

Countersunk Rivets are used in countersunk holes and other applications that require a flat finish. Their design allows them to sit flush to a surface, meaning the rivet head will not protrude once installed. They are ideal for sliding track applications.

These rivets also benefit from a tamper resistant design and they are able to accommodate countersunk hole specification DIN ISO 7721.

  • Material: Nylon 6
  • Colours: Black and White
  • UL94 V2 Material Flammability Rating

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Push-In Rivets - Plastic, Push, Round/Square Hole

มีในสต็อก อยู่ระหว่างการผลิต

These Push-In Rivets feature a pin for easy finger-pressure installation. They are a versatile rivet that can be mounted in round, square or rectangular holes. Square hole mounting is used for anti-rotation applications.

The rivet features a pin and a grommet, with options supplied either assembled or pre-assembled. These rivets can also be removed after installation, for added convenience.

  • Material: Nylon 6/6
  • Colours: Black and Natural
  • UL94 V0 and UL94 V2 Material Flammability Rating

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Push-In Rivets - Spreading Rivets

มีในสต็อก อยู่ระหว่างการผลิต

Load Spreading Rivets are a type of rivet that provides a fast, economical and permanent fastening solution. Load Spreading Rivets are installed by placing the rivet body into a panel hole and pushing the pre-assembled plunger downwards into the assembly. The rivet expands in the application, providing a secure and tight fit. These rivets provide solid connections by means of blind side fixing.

Materials include; Nylon 6/6 and Polyethylene (PE). This rivet range offers good electrical insulation, and also corrosion resistance.

Available to buy separately is a Rivet Hand Tool that offers faster fixing for these Load Spreading Rivets, and is the recommended application method.

  • Colours; Black and Natural
  • UL94 V2 flame rated options

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