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Stand-Off Feet

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What are Push In Feet and what are they used for?
Push in feet are designed to provide shock absorption and grip benefits to the appliances in which they are installed. Often found on the bottom of the appliances as feet, they are used in a huge amount of applications and industries as well in the household on furniture. In addition to providing fantastic grip benefits and shock absorption, the various types that we stock, bring their own unique benefits to your projects.

Types of push in feet in our range:
Gripneck feet - act as replacement for stem castors and stem feet. When installed to base of an application, they allow for smooth movement.
Pallet Feet - Designed to fit standard metal base glides for added strength and protection in your applications.
Push-Fit Feet - Also known as grommet feet a great all-rounder that provides surface protection and vibration dampening.
Rivet Feet - Providing a high level of surface protection much like the other feet in our range, Rivet feet are quick and easy to install without the need for tools.
Saddle Feet - are used on chair legs and other types of furniture to elevate your application, they provide grip and stability and prevent damage caused when moving and manoeuvring the item in which they are applied to.
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Gripneck Feet

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Gripneck Feet, sometimes referred to as Mushroom Glides due to the mushroom-like shape of the foot, are an attractive replacement for stem-castors or stem-feet. Inserted into legs or base of an application, they enable for furniture to be moved about smoothly and easily when needed. They offer more stability than a castor, which are likely to roll back and forth, particularly on tiled or laminated surfaces.

Our Gripneck Foot range features a Black Polyamide (PA) base, or foot, and a Galvanised Steel stem. The Gripneck stem makes installation quick and the smooth PA base provides effortless manoeuvrability.

There are six types to choose from, catering for a variety of application needs. Type 4 has a hollow base.

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Push Fit Feet

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Push Fit Feet, commonly known as Grommet Feet, are an ideal choice for a host of applications. The have a number of useful properties that can provide surface protection, vibration dampening, strength retention, and skid prevention.

Our Push In Foot range is designed to simply push into punched or drilled holes, tube ends or to the base of furniture - making them quick and easy to install. They can provide stability and support in various applications and industries, including; office and retail, the manufacture of small and large appliances, furniture and cabinets, housings and cases, glass shelving and table top support, stacking, electrical and electronics equipment - and for many more.

  • Available in various materials including Nylon 6/6, Silicone Rubber, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE).
  • Shapes: Rectangle, Right Angle, Round and Square
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Grey, Natural and Transparent
  • UL94 HB rated options.

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Rivet Feet

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Rivet Feet are ideal in helping with the manoeuvring of furniture, as well as providing a high level of surface protection. The simply design of our Rivet Mount Feet make them a quick and easy, tool-free solution.

Our Rivet Foot range features UL94 HB rated Fast Feet made from Black TPE, with a Grey Acetal Rive that are ideal for wooden cabinets, equipment enclosures, free-standing electrical and electronics equipment. Soft Fast Feet are also available within this range that have a material harness of 86 Shore; they are also made of Black TPE, and have a Polypropylene pin. Also available are Snap Rivet Feet made from UL94 V2 rated Polyamide 6/6, which have a TPE base. These help protect floors and tube ends when secured to the assembly with a rivet.

Rivet Feet install with a straight-forward push-fit. They can be used as glides, bumpers, closures, slides, and as stops in a wide range of applications and assemblies. The incorporated push rivets push into pre-drilled holes. The foot is fully removable.

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