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Stainless Steel Weld Mount Retractable Spring Plungers

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Weld Mount Retractable Spring Plungers T-Handle

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Our T-Handle Retractable Spring-Loaded Plunger Pins provide users with a convenient and fast way of making adjustments to height or length of equipment, across a variety of applications. Most commonly used for fitness equipment or racking systems.

The pin material is made from Steel, which is an economical material providing good strength. Comes with a Clear Zinc Plating finish for added corrosion resistance.

These Retractable Plunger Pins include a weldable cylinder. The plungers also have a lock-out that holds the pin in a retracted, or open position, which allows the user to make two-hand adjustments to the equipment. The lock-out feature is optional. They are available in a choice of tip styles, including; Standard Straight, Short Tip and Tapered Tip.

The Standard Straight is the most popular tip style, and is generally used with barrel welding. Short tips are also commonly used with barrel welding, but also for applications that hide or require a shorter tip. The Tapered option is ideal for a range of applications where ease of insertion and placement is key.

  • Pin Material: C1022 Steel, Case Hard
  • Pin Plating: Clear Zinc
  • Knob Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Color: Black
  • Barrel Material: Steel 1215, C1010-C1021
  • Barrel Plating: Plain

Other configurations, materials, and customizations are available upon request.

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