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PCB Hardware
  • Designing and building for your white goods, electrical cabinets or office equipment and machinery, demand the ability to manage conductivity and space. Our PCB and Electronics Hardware range offers an extensive array of PCB Spacers, PCB Pillars, PCB Supports and PCB standoffs to support, lock, space or guide the PCB board. Can't decide on which solution you need? View our range of guides and handy tips, PCB Hardware – A quick buyers guide , Design Engineers Applications Guide to Circuit Board Hardware and Your PCB substrate: a guide to materials.

Fibre Management
  • Fibre management solutions at Essentra make managing cables and maintaining functionality easy. Our wire saddles mount in many ways and lock wires into place to ensure your wires don't move about. With a much greater bandwidth than metal cables, browse our fibre optic cable management systems and our fibre management trays.

Cable Management
  • Manage, organise and protect your cabling with our vast range of Cable Management solutions, designed to suit a range of demanding applications and varied environments. So, whether you are designing or building consumer appliances, data cabinets or outdoor enclosures, you are sure to find what you need. Can't decide on which solution you need? View our range of guides and handy tips, Cable Management Buyers Guide, Cable Management Design Engineers Application Guide or Top 5 tips for choosing Cable Management.

Cable Ties & Clips
  • Our range of Cable Ties and Clips has been extended to over 2,400 giving you even more choice and flexibility. From cable tie mounts, hook and loop cable ties and screw in cable clips. We even have the world’s first double metal tooth Cable Tie bringing further chemical resistance and security to your applications. Most of our products allow you to try before you buy, so why not order a free sample.