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Folding 90 degree Mount Lid Stays

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These Folding 90 Degree Mount Lid Stays are used in furniture and cabinetry to support and restrict the movement of lids found on chests, cabinets, or storage boxes. These lid stays are meant to keep the lid open at a 90-degree angle, allowing for easy access and preventing the lid from shutting accidentally. When the lid is closed, the folding characteristic enables compact storage, making them excellent for space-saving applications.

The primary function is stability and safety when accessing storage unit contents. When the lid is open, the lid stays firmly in place, preventing it from slamming shut and potentially injuring or damaging the user. This function is convenient when the lid must remain open for an extended time, such as while loading or unloading things from a storage chest.

It guarantees durability and strength. It is available in both left and right-hand models and universal mounting versions. It is a less expensive alternative to gas springs and is simple to install and adjust by simply screwing it into position. Typically used in industrial or commercial applications.

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Folding Lid Stays

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These Folding Lid Stays, also known as Telescopic Stays, are used in various applications to support and control the movement of lids on cabinets, chests, or storage boxes. These lids provide stability, safety, and convenience by firmly holding lids in up to ten different positions.

It is an excellent, low-cost alternative to a gas strut when positional control is required, and the mass of the item to be held is modest, as it can sustain up to 135 kg. Ideal for various applications in which weight must be maintained or supported at varying angles.

It is simple to install and requires little upkeep. It works by extending the arm until it locks into the desired position. Close by either fully extending the stay before returning it to the closed position (basic models) or slightly extending and closing (reversible model). All of this has a lifespan of 20,000 locks. Commonly used for applications such as electrical boxes, machinery covers, cabinets or furniture.

  • Material: Steel, Stainless Steel

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