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Furniture & Glass Locks

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Furniture Locks - Flush Cup Board

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These furniture locks, also known as cabinet locks or cupboard locks, are intended to offer security and privacy for various types of furniture. The locks are designed to be used with our rods (available separately) to give 2-point locking.

It lies flush with the furniture's surface, giving it a clean and inconspicuous appearance. This flush design not only improves the appearance of the furniture but also prevents the lock from snagging on garments or inflicting unintended damage.

Cupboard locks are simple to install by pressing them into the cut out hole; the clip-on body makes installation easier, and they are available with Keyed Alike or Keyed Differ cylinder choices. Commonly used in cabinets, steel cupboards, lockers and other storage units.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy

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Furniture Locks - Glass Door Slide

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These Glass Door Slide Furniture Locks are used in furniture and cabinets to lock glass doors and give a smooth, controlled sliding action. Developed mainly for glass doors, providing a safe and dependable locking mechanism while enabling simple access and view of the items within.

It comprises two parts: the sliding mechanics and the locking mechanism. The sliding mechanism is attached to the second glass door, and the locking travels along it when unlocked and stops movement when locked. One of their most significant benefits is their capacity to firmly hold glass doors in place, preventing them from opening or closing accidentally. This is especially crucial when storing fragile or precious things behind glass doors since it avoids accidental damage or theft.

The range includes key alike, and key to differ options. Typically seen on bookshelves, china cabinets, entertainment or expo cabinets, and other types of furniture.

Please get in touch with your local sales team to acquire the Keyed Alike version.

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Furniture Locks - Vertical Slide for Wood

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These Vertical Slide for Wood Furniture Locks are intended to secure vertical sliding doors in wooden furniture items. It allows for a smooth and controlled sliding action while keeping the door firmly closed. They are visually appealing, inconspicuous, and come in right-hand, left-hand, keyed alike and keyed differently.

It increases the security and stability of vertical sliding doors by including a mechanism that keeps the door in place, preventing it from unintentionally sliding open or closing. This keeps the contents of the furniture safe and undisturbed. The vertical slide design provides easy access and viewing while retaining a secure closing.

Simple to install and may be effortlessly incorporated into wooden furniture. They are often utilised in cabinets, closets, and other furniture with vertical sliding doors.

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Key Lock Cabinet Cam Latches

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These cam latches have a 90 degree cam rotation. Zinc alloy die cast housing and cylinder. Five disc tumblers. Stainless steel bezel. Cams are available offset or straight, 5⁄8" wide and 3⁄32" thick. Brass keys are keyed alike.

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