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Security Labels

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Security labels are a cost effective solution when security is required. They provide a tamper-evident feature on packages and items and whilst they are easily applied, once opened, our labels will leave a 'VOID' message to alert you to the tampering of you r product. Our range of adhesive seals come in various colors, tag lengths and widths and are provided as non-transfer or total-transfer.
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Tamper Evident Labels

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A range of Tamper Evident Labels that have a matt surface that is suitable for writing on and which are provided in die cut pieces.

The range features options that do not leave behind residue and those designed to leave a visible security 'void' message on the surface. The labels are easy to remove from the release paper.

These labels provide a quick and convenient way of seeing whether an item or package has been opened. An easy and affordable method for preventing theft and offering peace of mind.

  • Material: Polyester Tape
  • Colors: Blue, Green and Red.

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