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Hydraulic Hose Cinch Strap

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Hydraulic hose cinch straps are designed to allow natural expansion of the hose and provide contraction movement without damage as pressures to the hose changes. Our durable cinch straps are available as hook & loop and are manufactured in nylon with a wide range of different buckle materials including nickel plated steel and delrin.
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Hose & Tubing Cinch Straps - Cinch Straps

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These Cinch Straps have a hook and loop design that firmly holds hoses, enabling them to expand and contract as pressure fluctuates without causing damage. It is long-lasting and provides a safe, adjustable binding solution that is simple to apply. It is also resistant to chemicals and can sustain high temperatures.

The heavy duty model is strengthened with Ballistic Cordura Nylon and ultrasonically welded to a 1.5 inch hook and loop material. It is used in industrial and automotive applications.

  • Material: Nylon Woven Hook & Loop;Nickel Plated Steel, Nylon Woven Hook & Loop;Delrin
  • Colour: Black

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