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Plastic Protective Netting

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Ideal for product protection during transport, shipping and storage, our plastic protective netting is manufactured in standard or heavy duty HDPE. Roll lengths vary from 82 to 1500ft and colors include green, red, orange and more.
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Flexible Protective Netting

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Flexible Protective Netting stretches and wraps snugly to any shape, reducing labour costs, inventory, damage claims, and returns. Supplied on a roll in standard gauge thickness or heavy gauge if applications require more durable protection.

It is designed to provide optimum visibility, ensuring workers and visitors can easily see through the netting while providing robust protection from potential hazards. It can be easily applied and removed and does not trap or retain moisture. It is used in warehouses to protect applications with a risk of falling objects or debris.

  • Colour: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown, Orange
  • Material: HDPE, LDPE

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