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Rubber Hole Plugs

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Parallel Protection Plugs

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Parallel protection plugs are general-purpose plugs that are used to protect a variety of applications. It has a parallel design that ensures a secure and snug fit while preventing contaminants, damage, dirt, corrosion, moisture, and debris during storage and transportation. It is highly fragmentation-resistant and suited for threaded applications.

The plug has a closed top design and convex sides to ensure a secure fit. It is easy to install and remove and provides a neat finish. Suitable for various applications in different industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and commercial.

  • Material: Vinyl, LDPE, TPR, PVC
  • Colour: Green, Yellow, Black

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USB Dust Cover - Silicone

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USB and RJ Dust Covers are used to protect USB and RJ ports while they are not in use. It prevents dust, dirt, debris, and moisture from entering electrical components.

The covers are simple to attach through push fit, and no tension is applied to the adapter's internal components while entering. It is resistant to temperatures that range from -40 - 150 C | -40 - 302 F. Used for applications including the technology industry and cover connectors from printers, scanners and other electronic devices with USB ports.

  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • Colour: Black

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