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Threaded Female To Female PCB Mounting Pillars

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Threaded Spacers

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Threaded Spacers, commonly known as Screw Spacers or Threaded Standoffs, are typically used to enable two components in an assembly to be fastened together, as a distance that is controlled from one another. They can also be used to elevate one part of the assembly above the other.

Designed to be installed by hand, these Threaded Standoff Spacers won't require the use of assembly equipment. They are suitable for a breadth of applications, and provide easy assembly. Threaded Spacer feature various connection types, shapes, materials and compatible thread sizes, including M4 Standoff. They are also available in a choice of colours to suit your application needs.

Our Thread Spacer offer includes a range of Nylon Spacers Standoffs, including options that are 25% and 30% Glass Filled, as well as Nylon 6 or Nylon 6/6. Material flammability ratings include UL94 HB, UL94 V0 and UL94 V2.

Our Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) range offers heat resistance up to 180C, as well as excellent mechanical strength and stiffness. Resistance to alternating tensile and bending loads is also very good, with superb dimensional stability. The flame resistance rating is UL94 V0.

Also stocked are Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) spacers that are ideal for any application, with heat resistance up to 200C.

  • Hexagonal and Round Standoff shapes included
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Natural and White
  • Spacer Types: Male to Male, Male to Female, Female to Female and Female to Male.

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Round Insulation Standoffs

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These Standoffs are designed to be installed by hand and do not require assembly equipment. The round standoffs are suitable for a wide range of applications and are ideal for use when high mechanical strength is required and provide sturdy, insulated spacing for high power electronic applications. They are made of nylon with brass inserts and are rated UL94 V-2.

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Hexagonal Unthreaded Spacers

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These are female standoffs that have a through hole. A self-tapping screw is used to thread the plastic which gives it a strong hold. Available for several different screw sizes in many spacer lengths.

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