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Hook & Loop - Clamps, Top Opening

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These Hook & loops with a top opening are used in applications to manage and organise cables and wires, preventing them from tangling, damaging, or producing risks. These clamps' design enables simple adjustment and reuse.

It works by having tiny hooks on one side and little loops on the other. The hooks catch in the loops when the two sides are pushed together, resulting in a secure closing. This design enables simple opening and shutting of the clamp, making it easy to add or remove wires.

It is durable and resistant to wear and tear. They are quick and simple to install, and their adhesive base provides excellent security in keeping your wires in place. Commonly used in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, data centres, audiovisual installations, and even vehicles.

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$2.8722 - $8.1369 700 In stock
Cable Management - Black, Hook & Loop, No Screw Hole, Adhesive Clamp


Price Range
$8.1369 - $2.8722

Stock Levels
700 In stock
  • Base Length
    2.000 in
  • Coating
  • Colour
  • Full Material
    Hook & Loop
  • Hole Type
    No Screw Hole