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Hole Plugs

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A hole plug, also known as a bore plug, is used to fill or seal holes, preventing any liquids or gases from escaping, and protecting internal threads. They are a cost-effective and durable component used in various industries. Choosing to use hole plugs in your applications has many benefits, including easy removal and corrosion-resistant properties.

Types of Hole Plugs

We offer various types of hole plugs, including:

Our range includes many other types of hole plugs and bores, all available in various sizes and colours to suit your specific needs.

Applications & Processes

Our push-fit hole plugs are used in various applications and processes, even those that require high temperatures. Below are just a few examples of where hole plugs are used:

We offer a range of threads, including BSP, metric, SAE, UNF, and many more to suit your requirements.

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Vent Plugs

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Vent Plugs provide ventilation access for cooling fans, moving parts and heat-emitting components

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