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Fuse Covers & Holders for PCB

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A fuse holder for PCBs is a component used to hold and secure a fuse on a printed circuit board (PCB). It provides a designated space for the fuse and ensures proper electrical connections.

Our range feature a post fit fuse cover for PCB mounted standard cartridge fuse. They are super easy to install and provide protection against overcurrent and short circuits in electronic circuits.

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Fuse Covers - Quick Fit, Flexible, Transparent

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Electrical insulation of components on the PCB and chassis can prevent electrical shock. Our ranges offer fuse covers and transistor insulating sleeves, mounts, rings and pads that will fit most standard transistors, fuses and other electrical components. Our insulating products are suitable for high voltage and high temperature applications in which assembly methods such as wave soldering and potting are used. Our range of electrical insulation products can be used with screws, pin plugs and receptacles.

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