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Plastic Ferrules or end tips as they are commonly known, provide protection to tubes, rods and shafts. Durable and long-lasting, rubber-tapered ferrules allow for greater stability and prevent potential surface damage, which is why these are a great multipurpose solution for furniture protection.

These small components are ideal for use on chair legs, chair feet, and tips prolonging the life of your furniture, whilst reducing noise when moving across hard surfaces.

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Oval Ferrules

Oval Ferrules are designed to provide stability, floor protection and a finished look to furniture, equipment, and other applications requiring a secure footing. Made to fit the ends of tubular legs or oval shaped furniture feet.

They are quick and easy to install thanks to their push fit, as well as offering a polished finish to applications.

  • Material: PVC
  • Colour: Black

Round Feet Ferrules - Standard

Standard Round Feet Ferrules are a type of protective cap that offer protection to tubes, rods and occasionally threads, as well as the end of furniture legs, chair legs, and ladder steps. They are anti-slip and anti-scratching floors. Designed to fit perfectly, providing a snug and secure fit.

The ferrules offer protection to the shaft or tube to ensure it doesn't split when meeting hard surfaces and provide floor protection and grip.

It is easy to install simply by pushing them onto the end of the applications. Also durable and long-lasting, protecting your applications. It is used in furniture manufacturing, retail and commercial applications.

  • Material: PVC, LDPE
  • Colour: White, Black