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Polypropylene Hole Plugs

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Bore Hole Plugs

Bore Hole Plugs are fitted into the bore hole to prevent loads from sliding out. They are commonly used to plug bore and explosive holes in the mining and exploration industry. The can be used for all cartridge explosives.

The hole plugs design features extremely flexible arms. Our range is manufactured to suit the five more common bore holes.

  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Colour: Red

Fluid Absorption Plugs

These Fluid Absorption Plugs are meant to reduce fluid excess residue by absorbing and holding fluids, preventing leak damage and contamination from entering the application, such as water, oil, substances with intrinsic chemical resistance, and fuel.

They are safer, simpler, and cleaner than traditional plugs since they leave no residue in the thread or hole. They are appropriate for metric and imperial threads and simple boreholes.

Its unique design enables rapid and easy installation and removal, saving money and time. Used in industries such as automotive, chemical, and environmental. They are commonly used in areas where the potential for fluid leaks or spills exists, such as around machinery, storage tanks, or transportation containers.