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Our range of insulators, include flanged sleeve bearings, also referred to as slide bearings. These are specially crafted to accommodate DIN H6-H7 fittings and excel in shielding against dirt, weather, and chemical corrosion. With a bearing clearance of approximately 1% of the shaft diameter after assembly, they provide precise and reliable protection.

Additionally, we stock sleeve insulators, designed to offer both convenience and effectiveness. Installation is a breeze—simply slide the sleeve onto the receptacle and securely snap it shut by hand. These insulators are tailored for use with both straight and flag-style pre-assembled wires and receptacles, ensuring a seamless fit for various applications.

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Flanged Sleeve Bearings

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Our plastic Slide Bearings are suitable for DIN H6-H7 fittings and are impervious to dirt ingress, weather and chemical corrosion. The bearing clearance is approximate 1% of the shaft diameter after assembly.

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Sleeve Insulators

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Sleeve Insulators are designed for straight and flag style pre-assembled wires and receptacles. These insulators are easily installed by slipping the sleeve onto the receptacle and snapping it shut by hand.

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